2018 – Riding the Winds of Change

Last year was especially interesting, as we suddenly had to move out of our comfy studio and move our operations to a new facility. While we were sad to see the old place go, we got to reinvent and redesign a new more efficient space and – with the help of Studiobricks, and proper planning – moved our entire operation in 1 week. So we suffered very little downtime – which was amazing!

So now Red Angel Media has been in it’s new location for just about one year and it has been wonderful. The new building is a modern commercial building, and we couldn’t be happier.

Our Studiobricks booths are proving to be a wonderful investment and sound great!

Right now, I am working with very talented voiceover artist, Catherine Fu, on a very interesting travel / foodie documentary, which is always fun. It’s great to do what you love and learn about other cultures at the same time!

So, hopefully I’ll have more time to write this year.

Have a great VO year!

2016 update

Hi all,

Just wanted to pop in a quick update with a partial list of some of the shows I have directed and acted in over the past year :

– Doraemon English Dub – 2 seasons (Japanese Anime)
– Crayon Shinchan (Japanese Anime)
– An epic Chinese Costume Drama Series (51 eps)
– A Chinese Family drama series (33 Eps)
– over 50 hours of very interesting documentaries about Chinese history and folk art
– Afterschool Midnighters – Feature Length Japanese anime movie (Japanese Anime)
– Darkness Boy Santa (Japanese Anime)
– Kowabon (Japanese Anime)
– Cheer or Sneer Mr Deer (Japanese Anime)

In addition to this list we had a great year provided voice over for all kinds of projects from educational content and video games, to high profile brands and television commercials.

there is a bunch of stuff in the pipeline and I can’t wait to get stuck in to that!

More later,


Five Deadly Venoms – English Dub Fun

So a friend of mine, Big Mike, told me about this dubbing contest hosted by Celestial Pictures and I thought that sounded fun. I went to the site and saw that is was for the kung fu film classic “Five Deadly Venoms”! Now, I have a special place in my heart for these old kung fu films as I got my start in voice over dubbing these, so we decided that we should stay true to the original and try and remaster the audio.

When I say “we” – it’s because I roped a couple friends of mine into doing it with me. Gary Gibbons – music (Check out his band’s fan page on Facebook ) and Head of Audio at Red Angel Studios, Phil Bagshaw.

I sat down and retimed the dubbing script, while Gary composed new music and Phil thought about the sound. It was a great process, and we all had fun re-dubbing the film, recording foley, making music and sound effects. All in, it took us three days or so and we won third place! Can’t wait to get those posters! So without further ado – Please check out the dub.