Coles 4104 Demo

Russell tests the Coles 4104
Russell testing the Coles 4104

Hey all,

Since I first read about the Coles 4104 microphone I wanted to try one.  I thought it would be great to have a microphone that I could use to make demos anywhere / without the need to battle background noise. So the other day I went down to Jolly Pro Audio here in Hong Kong and they happened to have one! They very generously allowed me to test it out and make a demo – which I have posted here.

As this is a ribbon microphone we kept the phantom power off. Then the salesman, Chenly, set the gain way high – and I recorded this in a standard office environment.  Behind me were people in cubicles, typing away.  A big air-con blew cold air frantically down on me while I made this demo. I have kept the lead in this recording purposly long so you can hear the room before I spoke.  The text I read is from a manual left open on Chenly’s desk and the clip is as recorded off a Marantz field recorder they had laying around.

[audio:|titles=Russell Wait Coles 4104 mic test]

Hope you find the clip useful. 🙂