About Russell

Russell Wait doing a voice over

Russell doing a voice over with the Brauner VM1

The Voice of Fox Movies Premium, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic Channel, and National Geographic HD for South East Asia!

Based in Hong Kong since 2002, Mr. Wait is a produced playwright (Scrambled Eggs, 2007) and has been involved in audio post production and adr for film and TV.  His dedication and work ethic has built a solid network of Film and Television clients in Hong Kong, and he now works as Director for Red Angel Media Ltd – a dubbing and voice over studio. He holds a BA degree in performance and production and has worked on such projects as “Ultra-Violet”, “I Come With the Rain”, “VIP Access: Face2Face”, and “So Close”; he has gone uncredited for his work as a voice actor/ adr director/ script writer for many English language anime dubs seen on the Animax Channel as well as many feature films including: Teddy Chen’s “Bodyguards & Assassins”, “Protogé” , “Beast Stalker”, and Peter Chan’s epic “The Warlords”.


To sum it all up, I’m a voice actor, voice / adr director, writer and dialogue coach. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

All the best,