2016 update

Hi all,

Just wanted to pop in a quick update with a partial list of some of the shows I have directed and acted in over the past year :

– Doraemon English Dub – 2 seasons (Japanese Anime)
– Crayon Shinchan (Japanese Anime)
– An epic Chinese Costume Drama Series (51 eps)
– A Chinese Family drama series (33 Eps)
– over 50 hours of very interesting documentaries about Chinese history and folk art
– Afterschool Midnighters – Feature Length Japanese anime movie (Japanese Anime)
– Darkness Boy Santa (Japanese Anime)
– Kowabon (Japanese Anime)
– Cheer or Sneer Mr Deer (Japanese Anime)

In addition to this list we had a great year provided voice over for all kinds of projects from educational content and video games, to high profile brands and television commercials.

there is a bunch of stuff in the pipeline and I can’t wait to get stuck in to that!

More later,


Microphone Shootout 2015

Hi All,

So I thought today would be a good day to do another microphone shootout. I have selected a range of mid range mics that all sound very nice, and have their own pros and cons. I hope that this post will help any voice over artists who are looking to buy new gear on a mid level budget.

Recently, I purchased the Rode NT1 and it has since become a steady workhorse microphone here in the studio, and has been dubbed “The Catherine” as that was the name of the voice actresses who first used it (and she sounds great on it). Also, over the holidays I purchased an AKG P420 – mostly because for it’s variable polar pattern – and I was in a pinch … ( It’s tough to be a voice over artist on vacation without a mic) So that got added to the ever increasing collections of microphones. To be honest – I quite like it, and it will happily sit in the mic case along with the others.

The mics: Sennheiser MK4 / Rode NT1 / AKG C3000B / AKG P420

So on to the test.

For the test – I recorded two mics simultaneously – The Rode and the MK4 – and the AKGs together. THey were run through two identical preamps – SSL X-logic and then through the apogee symphony for I/O. I didn’t touch them beyond that.

and without further ado – the microphones:

Red Angel Studios gets Nuendo 6.5!

Hey all,

We’ve just upgraded our DAW – Nuendo 6.5 at Red Angel Studios. It’s a game changer when recording ADR or other VO to picture! If you find yourselves in need of ADR for your film or video project, give a shout. We can help make the ADR process smooth, simple, and awesome!

Check out nuendo 6.5 if you want to geek out about ADR like we do. 🙂



“One Million Klicks” gets colour and Audio treatment at Red Angel Studios

Red Angel Studios just finished colour grading and full audio treatment for the German action feature “One Million Klicks!” Look for it in a theatre near you!

If you would like colour grading or an audio package for your film or video project, shoot me a line!