I am on Voices.com!

Hello all,

I’m excited to announce that I am now on Voices.com! If you would like to check out my site there, please check out the following link!


Have a great middle of the week!


Red Angel’s Rode Reel Entry

Hey all,
So we at the studio decided to enter this short film competition sponsored by Rode Microphones. The film takes place in our studios, so if you’d like a glimpse of Red Angel Studios and a chance to chuckle then please check out our short film below.


Scrambled Eggs – A Short play

Hey there,
So I was digging around and found this. It’s a filmed version of the short play I wrote that premiered in Hong Kong as part of Christy-Webb Gibson’s “Take 5” performance. The actors are Andrew Cox and Jaques Guillard.

It’s a fun two hander about the relationship that develops between a kidnapper and his victim as they wait for the ransom to be delivered.