Dubbing News

So today I have my voice over director hat on and would like to take a moment to comment on some of the work we have completed this past month.

The English Dubbing for “Dragon Force” the movie went off wonderfully. Everyone did amazing work! Great job guys and gals!

Also – We just finished two films (“Man made of Glass“, “Gold and Earth“) as well as a 14 episode series (“Fall of an Angel“). I’m looking at some of the mixes and they are sounding really nice.

This week we will be jumping into a very cute animated series, which promises to be a lot of fun.

Russell Wait Directs

Thanks to our coordinator Anson, here’s a little clip of me directing Dave Bridges in a show called “The Grand Prize”. He’s an excellent actor and awesome dubber. We are working at Red Angel Studios in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

Phil Bagshaw engineers.

September Update

Hi there – hope all’s well out there in Cyberia! For me things have been really exciting lately over here at Red Angel Media. I just voice a new piece for the Cotai Sands Casino in Macau – which was uber cool! They have pretty eciting new things coming up – keep your eyes peeled in Macau these coming months for some nice new developments coming to the Cotai Strip!

Also – I have spent the better part of the last few months neck deep in Lip Synch Dubbing @ Red Angel Studio. Directing something like 64 hours of TV Drama’s – over the last couple of months. With more coming up! Each different series has offered it’s own challenges and rewards but there’s nothing like seeing your work in it’s finished form after putting all the pieces together and sitting back to watch a mix. 🙂 Thanks to all the talented voice artists who continue to lend their voices to our projects. 🙂

All the best,