Dubbing News

So today I have my voice over director hat on and would like to take a moment to comment on some of the work we have completed this past month.

The English Dubbing for “Dragon Force” the movie went off wonderfully. Everyone did amazing work! Great job guys and gals!

Also – We just finished two films (“Man made of Glass“, “Gold and Earth“) as well as a 14 episode series (“Fall of an Angel“). I’m looking at some of the mixes and they are sounding really nice.

This week we will be jumping into a very cute animated series, which promises to be a lot of fun.

Coles 4104 Demo

Russell tests the Coles 4104
Russell testing the Coles 4104

Hey all,

Since I first read about the Coles 4104 microphone I wanted to try one.  I thought it would be great to have a microphone that I could use to make demos anywhere / without the need to battle background noise. So the other day I went down to Jolly Pro Audio here in Hong Kong and they happened to have one! They very generously allowed me to test it out and make a demo – which I have posted here.

As this is a ribbon microphone we kept the phantom power off. Then the salesman, Chenly, set the gain way high – and I recorded this in a standard office environment.  Behind me were people in cubicles, typing away.  A big air-con blew cold air frantically down on me while I made this demo. I have kept the lead in this recording purposly long so you can hear the room before I spoke.  The text I read is from a manual left open on Chenly’s desk and the clip is as recorded off a Marantz field recorder they had laying around.

[audio:http://russellwait.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Russell-Wait-Coles-4104-mic-test.mp3|titles=Russell Wait Coles 4104 mic test]

Hope you find the clip useful. 🙂

Dragon Snooker Dub

We spent the weekend dubbing a vertical slice of a Chinese animated series called Dragon Snooker.  It looks like it’s going to be really fun – the actors, writers, and translators are all very talented. Which made for great scripts and an enjoyable Saturday working with awesome actors.  If I can I’ll put a clip of our next studio session up for everyone to enjoy.  🙂