2018 – Riding the Winds of Change

Last year was especially interesting, as we suddenly had to move out of our comfy studio and move our operations to a new facility. While we were sad to see the old place go, we got to reinvent and redesign a new more efficient space and – with the help of Studiobricks, and proper planning – moved our entire operation in 1 week. So we suffered very little downtime – which was amazing!

So now Red Angel Media has been in it’s new location for just about one year and it has been wonderful. The new building is a modern commercial building, and we couldn’t be happier.

Our Studiobricks booths are proving to be a wonderful investment and sound great!

Right now, I am working with very talented voiceover artist, Catherine Fu, on a very interesting travel / foodie documentary, which is always fun. It’s great to do what you love and learn about other cultures at the same time!

So, hopefully I’ll have more time to write this year.

Have a great VO year!

Dragon Snooker – English Dub

Hello again, THis month I have had my nose to the proverbial grindstone directing the English Dub of a fun cartoon series called Dragon Snooker. We translated the series from Chinese to English and then voiced the fun timing scripts written by Mike Quinn.

It was a very tight schedule and we managed to record all 26 episodes inside of 5 weeks! Thanks to everyone involved in the project for their hard work, great acting, and patience.