Studio UPGRADE!!!! SSL X-Logic and Apogee Symphony powered!

Wooo hoo! So after a very easy setup and a weeks worth of tweaking we think we’ve got the new setup at Red Angel Studios operating at tip top performance!

Check out the difference between VO recordings on the same microphone from our last system (tascam fw-1800) and our new system (ssl x-logic x-rack w/ apogee symphony i/o) ! Would love to hear feedback!



Microphone Shootout: Royer, Sennheiser Mk4, Rhode NTK

Hi all,

Recently I got the chance to shoot-out three great microphones. My friend, Chris at dmt pro, brought by a Royer mic for a loaner for a week and I figured it would be a great opportunity to test against our other go to mics!  We ran them through our tascam FW-1800 desk.  THough I would love to do the shoot out again when our ssl xrack mic pres get here – and also the apogee symphony … but since we only had the new toy for a week, I figured better try it out!

So to go over the mics again:

The Royer – a ribbon based microphone. Which I found to be very interesting.  I found it to add a smoothness to the voice over that might sound very nice for book reading or other narrations.

The MK4 – which has been a go to mic for me for VO and lip synch dubbing, because of it’s overall good for everything sound.

The Rhode NTK – a nice mic, that I use as a go to mic for VO – when I need a rich – in your face sound / like television commercials.  I really like this mic on male vocals.

Anyhow — here are the wavs and you can hear them for yourself.  🙂  Feel free to comment and I hope you find these useful.

MK4   NTK   Royer

Sennheiser MK4 vs AKG 3000B microphone

Here it is as promised,
The shootout between two microphones in a similar price range: the Sennheiser MK4 and the AKG 3000B. Both these mics are large cardiod condenser’s and are quite good for the project or home studio and will service a VO Talent quite nicely. In this narration test, I ran both microphones through a Great River MicPre and recorded the text simultaneously.

I hope this helps out if you find yourself in the market for a new microphone.  As always, though, try a mic before you buy.  🙂

The AKG 3000B:


The Sennheiser MK4:


Thanks for listening and catch you later.

Russell Wait

Brauner VM1 vs Sennheiser MK4

So I’ve been in the market for a new VO mic and today I got the opportunity to have a microphone shootout between my new Sennheiser MK4 and the Brauner workhorse we have in the studio.  Wow.  I was surprised to hear the MK4 hold it’s own in the ring with the Brauner VM1.

Chris Fish from DMT Audio in HK was kind enough to come by the studio today and we worked out a fun little shootout between these two sweet microphones.  We ran them through a Great River mic pre and recorded the below test simultaneously so we could really compare them.

I found that the Brauner had some cool stuff going on in the high range and a nice crisp top end while the MK4 sounds more “rounded” to me. While the difference between the mics is subtle you can really hear it. Have  listen below.

In the left corner … The BRAUNER VM1


In the right corner … The Sennheiser MK4


Coming up next… the Sennheiser MK4 vs the AKG 3000B – two large diaphragm condenser mics in the same price range. Check back here for ring side seats!