Russell Wait tells us “The Story of Flame”

Heres a cool project I worked on recently for the opening of the Sheraton Hotel in Macau. Titled “The Story of Flame”, and managed by “Luminous” the events company. – I narrated the video part of the live show – which must have been pretty cool to witness in person.

The VO was recorded at Red Angel Studios in Kwun Tong.

Russell Wait Directs

Thanks to our coordinator Anson, here’s a little clip of me directing Dave Bridges in a show called “The Grand Prize”. He’s an excellent actor and awesome dubber. We are working at Red Angel Studios in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

Phil Bagshaw engineers.

Two new TVC’s

Recently, I had the opportunity to voice for 3HK new broadband service. I like these commercials as they have a solid hook and are shot very nicely.

Thanks for listening 🙂